Five reasons why a dog is a man’s best friend

Five reasons why a dog is a man’s best friend

Oct 29 , 2019

They say that dogs can feel what we feel. They say that dogs can understand what we say. They say that dogs are man’s best friend.

1. A dog is always there for you

A mutually beneficial relationship. Whenever you feel happy or unhappy a dog will
always be there for you and keep you company. If you feel like not going out with
your friends and just chilling at home, your dog will definitely be there for you to
keep you the best company! Or, when you feel like going places or for a walk, a dog is the perfect companion, you may even call him your exploring buddy!

2. They understand and mimic your emotions

A dog can understand your body language and tone of your voice. Whether you are thrilled, depressed or angry they choose to connect with you and match your current state of mind and respond to whatever you are feeling.

3. Dogs will always motivate and challenge you

It’s no lie that dogs are very vibrant and lively animals! A dog will always keep you
active and motivated. Going for a walk or even a run, playing around with a toy, a
dog will put you on a track to a healthier and fitter life you just have to keep up with them and their energetic spirit!

4. Dogs help you live a longer and a better life

It has been scientifically proven that dogs are linked to a humans’ longer life span,
dogs lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, they reduce the adverse health effect of living alone. They can decrease allergies and asthma in children and increase opportunities for health-beneficial socialization.

5. They are much more than a pet

A dog can be your best friend, your family and your biggest fan! They will forever be loyal to you, show you unconditional love since they don’t have barriers when it comes to sharing their affection. Since the 16 th century they have been serving as helpers for the blind and since the 17 th century helping people with disabilities. They can save our lives, all it takes is a wag on their tails and a look into their eyes.

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